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Murphy Slaw Rides Again…
Murphy’s Law states, “If anything can go wrong, then it usually will!”  This attitude affects all of us.  It doesn’t matter if you are a “glass is half-full” or “glass is half-empty” kind of guy, or if your glass just has a hole in the bottom.  Murphy’s Law is out there and waiting to attack.  [...]

Murphy Slaw Rides Again…Deer Camp
By:  Alan Weihausen “Co’mere deer!  Co’mere deer! Daddy’s gonna SHOOT ya’!”  I took my little girl on a weekend hunt near Comanche, and as we were sitting in the deer stand, her enthusiasm hit rock bottom.  For two weeks leading up to the trip with my Mom, Dad, and two brothers, all I heard was how [...]

Buck Forage Oats vs Bob Oat
I am reading allot of forums on the Internet and there is some thing that I keep seeing allot of. People asking, is the Buck Forage Oat really worth the cost? I would have to respond with questions of my own. What are you looking for in you food plot? Are you planting for Deer or other [...]

New web site.
We are under construction and I must say, I am happy with the way it is looking. We have been working long hours to get Deer Channel more informative for you. You will see we have added a new DC Institute, you will start seeing this fill up with some awesome tools to help you [...]



Mustange Creek Whitetail Workshop

Sminars by Dr Kroll all day on Breeding - Producing a Healthy Heard - Nutrition - Artificial Insemination and much much more!

Special Guest - Buck Forage, Gallagher Fence, GMS software, Deer Channel

May 3rd at Mustange Creek Ranch in Salado, Texas.

Updates to come.

http://www.whitetailbuck.com/ Click Here


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